Unknown ID

photographs by Marika Bertoni


This project is the result of thoughts, images, people, emotions, conversations and comparisons between bodies, hands and opinions. Marika: “I read books, watched movies, heart songs – silences, presences – but most of all absences. This research was analyzing different metropolises, from New York to Los Angeles, Miami to Berlin, Warsaw to Lisbon, creating a link between continents – physical and geographical spaces that are very different and separate from each other but with one thing in common: these fragmented feelings that reduce the individual to an unknown inhabitant of an equally unknown space in which this precarious and unstable link between man and the space he lives in is uncovered.”


The photographic research deals with the interpretation of the concept of “contemporary identity” in relation to the relationship between metropolitan and individual space. A space that is the child of a “post–crisis” age, lives in a state of permanent emotional split caused by the impossibility to find a direct contact between its own inner space and the outer/metropolitan one. This is a space of sensorial over-simulation and consequently an expression of ambivalent and fragmented feelings, typical of an individual that becomes “unknown” even to himself. This perception is represented through the use of double and triple exposures that, like addition of times, overwrites of feelings and views, embody the idea of contemporary overview: a fragmented vision, incoherent, illogical, out of time and space.


At the gallery, we show Marika’s video work “Unknown ID” (2009, 5 min).


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