Herri ixilean

I was born in San Sebastián but my surname, Cazenave, is of Gascon origin and it is very widespread in the three provinces of the North of the Basque Country. During the winter of 2010 I travelled the way of my ancestors, from their birthplace in the Bearne, down to the sea.

I traced this territory searching for the people whose last name was also Cazenave. They guided me through a way which served me to get to know my origins, discover the North of my country and also to find myself.

The interest of this work lies in the search process through Iparralde (Northern Basque Country) and not so much in finding those origins. I met people with the same surname as mine and they became the guides to discover my country. From then on I have elaborated a personal story which is intimately linked to the territory.

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