Pour les chiens by Margherita Cesaretti

Untitled, from the series Pour les chiens





24 x 30 cm photo on 40 x 50 cm sheet


fine art giclée print on cotton paper

edition of

10 + 1 AP



year of print


Margherita Cesaretti (1982) lives and works in Italy. She has a degree in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and studied photography at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni.

‘For The Dogs’, more than a portfoglio, is the visual manifestation of a modern thought that gathers philosophical suggestions from the school of Antisthenes unifying them to our disenchanted and often bitter awareness. Picture after picture Margherita Cesaretti unravels her vision of the world through a current that flows, continues and erodes voracious human ambitions, smoothing away pains and desires, making vices and virtues uniform. It is sufficient to change the perspective and that is where man and animal are not masses of cells destined to disintegrate and join together again in the flow of history, deconstructing and reactivating instinctive perceptions, the symbols of spiritual and temporal power lose their subliminal force abandoning themselves in the fog of equivalent characterisitics.


– “Edition of 20 + 1 AP” means that 20 prints will be made in this size and that there is one additional “artist’s proof”.
– Prints may be made in an analog way (dark room) or digitally. “Archival inkjet prints” are digital prints created using a high-quality inkjet printer, typically on fine art paper.
– The advertised size of the image is approximate and refers to the size of the print (without passepartout or frame).
– Price shown includes sales tax. For delivery addresses outside the EU no sales tax is required, and will be removed during check-out (however you may have to pay import duties).
– Each print comes with an edition number and a certificate of authenticity.
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– “Edition of 20 + 1 AP” betekent dat er 20 afdrukken worden gemaakt in deze grootte en dat er één “artist’s proof” is.
– Afdrukken kunnen analoog zijn gemaakt (in donkere kamer) of digitaal. “Archival inkjet prints” zijn digitale afdrukken gemaakt met een inkjetprinter van hoge kwaliteit, doorgaans op fine art papier.
– De vermelde afmeting van het werk is bij benadering en refereert aan de grootte van de afdruk zonder passepartout of frame.
– Vermelde prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.
– Elke afdruk wordt geleverd met editienummer en een certificaat van authenticiteit.
Alle werken zijn direct beschikbaar (mogelijke uitzondering: afdrukken beschikbaar in meerdere afmetingen).
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