Umbra by Julie Bourges

Umbra VIII

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30 x 40 cm, 60 x 60 cm

edition of

12 + 1 AP (30 x 40), 7 + 1 AP (60 x 60)


archival pigment print on fine art paper





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Julie Bourges (Paris, France, 1981) is, next to her work at Picturetank, autonomous photographer. She seeks to find her way in parallel worlds of her imagination. Bourges lives and works in Paris and studied at the Ecole des Métiers de l’Information.

“After photographing Paris at night for years, reading the book by Jean Baudrillard « Car l’illusion ne s’oppose pas à la réalité », has profoundly changed the way I see this so familiar place. The city seemed transformed to me, as if I had discovered a parallel world. Suddenly I had the feeling that my images were escaping me.”
“This change in perspective – this reversal – freed me from Paris and the weight of her image. From a conventional representation of the city, my photography moved towards a free interpretation of a space, more mental than real. Now, my registration has become more instinctive and abstract. The invisible flush under the surface of the image allow now the revealing of the projections of my unconscious: Umbra, in Latin both shade and reflection and ghost, becomes here an intimate and solitary experience of the urban landscape.”


– “Edition of 20 + 1 AP” means that 20 prints will be made in this size and that there is one additional “artist’s proof”.
– Prints may be made in an analog way (dark room) or digitally. “Archival inkjet prints” are digital prints created using a high-quality inkjet printer, typically on fine art paper.
– The advertised size of the image is approximate and refers to the size of the print (without passepartout or frame).
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– “Edition of 20 + 1 AP” betekent dat er 20 afdrukken worden gemaakt in deze grootte en dat er één “artist’s proof” is.
– Afdrukken kunnen analoog zijn gemaakt (in donkere kamer) of digitaal. “Archival inkjet prints” zijn digitale afdrukken gemaakt met een inkjetprinter van hoge kwaliteit, doorgaans op fine art papier.
– De vermelde afmeting van het werk is bij benadering en refereert aan de grootte van de afdruk zonder passepartout of frame.
– Vermelde prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.
– Elke afdruk wordt geleverd met editienummer en een certificaat van authenticiteit.
Alle werken zijn direct beschikbaar (mogelijke uitzondering: afdrukken beschikbaar in meerdere afmetingen).
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