A Story is related to every picture of Secret Garden. Seven women, who are different for age, job, religion and origin, named the pictures they chose. They interpreted the look of the woman in the picture and, writing in first person, they imagined the other woman melting with their own identity. In doing so, they allowed the woman in the picture to think and express her voice. This emotional translation of the artwork represents an invitation for the viewers to start a research for their own identity.

Over the years Alessandra Calò has looked for and recovered old hotographic slides that depict women in the early 20th century. In the Secret Garden project, the artist shows them inviting the audience to join the outcomes of her research work. Alessandra asks the viewer to make ‘a travel in order to discover something lost. Travelling through her work and by means of a box that acts as an emotional container and a shiny window that mirrors the negative of a human figure, we could discover the secret garden that blooms into ourselves, and that it takes just a moment to appreciate its flowers, scent, and colours… And to come home from this travel with the awareness of its existence’.

It is not only a matter of observing externally a human figure with a face,
dresses, and a pose that tell about her story, but of moving beyond the appearance of the “negative” and getting access into her secret soul, story, and memory. Into her secret garden.



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