• Unknown ID by Marika Bertoni

    UNKNOWN ID: Analyzing different metropolises, from New York to Los Angeles, Miami to Berlin, Warsaw to Lisbon, creating a link between continents, with fragmented feelings that reduce the individual to an unknown inhabitant of an equally unknown space

I started taking Photography as a tool of visual research, especially as a tool to tell travels and so to tell life. Thanks to what I call “the dance of life” I use photography as a therapeutic tool, to be able to lead our eye beyond our barriers (geographical and emotional). I call it “Photography of border” – between us and the other. This is my present, these are the seeds that I am sowing for the future.

Marika Bertoni (Italy, 1984) lives and works in northern Italy.



-MA Photo, Video and Theatre Terapy, teacher Oliviero Rossi, Rome (Italy)
-BA Photography and Visual Art, L.A.B.A. (Free University of Fine Art), Florence (Italy)
-Graduation in Graphic Design, Photography and Film, Art Institute F. Depero, Rovereto (TN)


-February 2012 (08.02 – 28.02) Tokyo (Japan), Wisdom Academy in Mejiro, Haru/Spring, curated by Carmela Senfett with the collaboration of Naoyoshi Itani, Yoshimi Horiuchi, Haz, Tadahiro Hakozaki and Masako Hasimoto
-January 2012, Osaka (Japan), Aidia Room (Makoto Mizutani), Haru/Spring, curated by Carmela Senfett, Solo Shows
-January 2012, Milan (Italy), BelVedere Gallery, First Vision 2011, The Photographers and Milan, Fog 2011, Group Shows
-September 2011, Trento (Italy), Trentini Palace, Autonoma_mente 2011, curated by Piero Cavagna, Group Shows.
-2011, Turin (Italy), in collaboration with Turin Film Commission, National Museum of Cinema, Luca Pron Awards, series Levels, Group Shows
-2011 Rovereto (Italy), G. Tartarotti Library, Blindness-Shoah, Solo Shows
-2010 Florence (Italy) House of Creativity, in collaboration with Tokaghe (Italia/Japan Association), series The Journey of my Clouds (See inside/Mare dentro), Group Shows
-2010 Bibbiena (Italy), Italian Center of Photography, 2nd Biennale of Young Photographers, series Unknown ID, Photography&Video installation, Group Shows
-2010 Berlin (Germany) Gallery CBN 42 live @nonymus.urban, curated by Peter Mankovski, Group Show with Magda Fernandez
-2010 Berlin (Germany) Berliner Liste, ACSAF, curated by Cesare Bossi, series Blindness-Shoah, Group Shows
-2010 Foggia (Italy) Urban event MUSAE, series Unknown ID, Grouph Shows
-2010 Milan (Italy) Urban event MUSAE, series Unknown ID, Grouph Shows
-2010 Berlin (Germany) Infantellina Contemporary Gallery, curated by Patrizia Infantellina, series Unknown ID, Group Shows
-2010 Florence (Italy) ACSAF Center, curated by Cesare Bossi, Group Shows
-2010 Citerna (Italy) Citerna Photo Festival, curated by Massimo Agus, Group Shows
-2008 Arezzo (Italy), Church of S.S. Lorentino and Pergamino, curated by Rita Carioti, Woman and Mass Media, Group Shows
-2008 Florence (Italy), San Salvi Psuchiatric Hospital, series Escape, Group Shows


-2010: first Prize in the Photo competition promoted by the Italian-Japanese cultual association Tokaghe – Solo exhibition in Tokyo (Japan) – Spring 2011
-2010: selected at the 2nd Biennial of Young Photographers, Italian Center of Photography, Biebbiena (AR)
-2009: finalist Lucca Digital Photo Festival


-Photographers for a day, curated by Enrica Ghia, ed. Sonda, Italy
-Autonoma_mente, I built my House on a blade of grass, curated by Piero Cavagna, Italy
– Cent raison d’Etre (cover illustration)by Véronique Boureau, ed.l’Harmattan, Paris (France)
-2nd Biennal of Photographers, Bibbiena (Italy)
-Mezzocielo, n.5, September-October 2010, Palermo (Italy)
-Citerna Photography 2010, ed. Petruzzi, Citerna (Italy)


-2012: with Carlotta Grisi, Maria Chiara Zanon, Sara Passerini and Diego Pirola founded Mavì, which started as a non-profit association, with the aim to carry on activities of social utility, as responsible tourism, photo and video lab for children, Creative Writing, Theater, Musical Events…
-2011: Management Photo Archive (scan, photo editing), to Newpress Agency, Milan (Italy)
-2011: Freelance Photographer to Newpress Agency (Italy)
-2011: Photography workshop, in collaboration with Gabriele Croppi, to La Fanciullezza, curated by Togheter for Children, Milano (Italy)
-2009: Collaboration with Emma Innocenti at the work- shop “ Specchio, specchio delle mie brame” – Florence ( Italy )
-2008/2009: Photography Assistance of Matteo Brogi – Photojurnalist
-2008/2009: Photography Assistant of Gabriele Croppi (

Marika Bertoni (Italy, 1984)

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