Keith Sharp (Chester, PA, United States, 1968) works as a photographer and art teacher based in Media, PA. He studied at the Philadelphia University of Arts.

Recent solo exhibitions of Keith include: Abington Art Center, Jenkingtown, PA, and Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE. Recent group exhibitions include Contemporary Landscape Photography: An International Perspective, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA, Art of Photography 2013, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA, Botanicals, Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VA and Art of the State, State Museum of PA, Harrisburg, PA.


“Sharp is manipulating photos in new and extraordinary ways. A quiet voice here, his forcefulness comes from understatement. For everything he does appears casual, like a snapshot. Sharp is no naïve artist. His pictures are self-consciously created and carefully worked-out photos that accept the importance of the everyday and the ordinary…
Victoria Donohue, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Faithful readers know that the surprising twist, the unusual subject, and the exceptional clarity are all qualitites that catch my attention in any medium, but especially photography. The photos that make me say “Whaat?” and stop me in my tracks to look more closely are the ones I respond to the most. And by now you know the champion of doing that, in my mind, is Keith Sharp.”
Ellen Slupe, Art Matters

“…Sharp continues his fascination with quirky combinations of human and natural elements by placing domestic objects in the natural world and vice versa. Trees sprout from wood floors. Ivy hangs from a bathroom rack instead of a towel. A framed photo of a tree in winter hangs from the tree itself, or so it first appears; it might be the other way around, and the small space inside the frame shows the actual tree. Which is an image of an image, and which is reality? …the photos… come close to the bottomless strangeness of the best surrealist art.”
Rachel Frankford, Philadelphia City Paper

 “Sharp endows his often-surreal works with a sense of mystery as he explores the irony and contradictions in scenes from everyday life…Perhaps chief among these “tricks” is a masterful transference of the ordinary to the exotic.”
Victoria Donohoe, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Keith Sharp’s photos of himself dressed as a shrub or tree in bits of greenery and bark hit whimsical notes. The one where he becomes a treeman, covered head to toe, packs the strongest punch with its mix of existential man-against-the-sky and the humor of a moving tree.”
Roberta Fallon, Art Blog

“Stark in a manner that conjures the dustbowl cinemaphotography of Gregg Toland and John Ford’s The Grapes of Wrath – a silver halide whose whites seem tinged with browns – Keith Sharp’s toned silver gelatin prints suggest beauty beyond circumstance.“
A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia City Paper

Keith Sharp 

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