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    ESPEN SOMMER EIDE – Material Vision – Silent Reading

    Whether the purpose is politics, resources, science or art, exploring an unfamiliar landscape requires a process of appropriation

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Espen Sommer Eide (1972) is a musician and artist from Tromsø, Norway. Since the end of the 1990s the projects Alog (with Dag-Are Haugan) and Phonophani have been among the most prominent representatives of experimental electronic music from Norway, with a series of releases from the label Rune Grammofon. Live he uses elaborate setups of custom made instruments, hybrids combining electronic and acoustic elements.In addition to touring extensively with his musical projects, Eide also has produced a series of site-specific pieces and artworks and has been involved in a series of art and archive projects with various topics connected to the Barents and arctic regions of Northern Norway.

Material Vision - Silent Reading is a film and series of prints, based on the creation of new musical instruments and a performance developed on Bear Island. 19th century Norwegian geologist Balthazar Keilhau describes the island as the “Cadaver of the Earth” due to its lack of vegetation and harsh weather conditions. In exploring an unfamiliar landscape, one cannot avoid a certain process of appropriation, whether one is exploring for the purpose of politics, resources, science or art. The explorer’s gaze cannot help but desire to possess and master the object in view. Through a combination of artistic and scientific performances, Material Vision – Silent Reading investigates various ways of reading a landscape and how the viewer and the viewed relate to each other.

Sommer Eide has produced a series of site-specific pieces and artworks. These projects include a multichannel composition for the 50-year anniversary of the completion of the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France, designed by Le Corbusier; and a special ‘Building Instruments’ performance at the 2008 Manifesta Biennial. He recently had a solo exhibition Dead Language Poetry at Bergen Kunsthall 2013, and performed The Weed Archive at the 2013 Performa Festival in New York. Sommer Eide participated in Sonic Acts (Amsterdam 2015, performance in Stedelijk Museum).

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Espen Sommer Eide (1972) is musicus en kunstenaar uit Tromsø, Noorwegen. Sinds het eind van de jaren negentig waren zijn projecten Alog (met Dag-Are Haugan) en Phonophani zeer representatief voor de Noorse experimentele electronische muziek, met een serie releases onder het Rune Grammofon label. Live gebruikt hij bewerkelijke opstellingen van door hemzelf ontworpen en gebouwde instrumenten, hybride combinaties van electronische en akoestische elementen. Sommer Eide toert veel met zijn muzikale projecten, produceerde daarnaast een serie van site-specifieke stukken en objecten en was betrokken bij kunst- en archiefprojecten rondom diverse thema's verbonden aan de Barentszee en de poolregio van Noord-Noorwegen.

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