• Fotoscopia by Alessandra Calò

    An image evoking the human capacity to investigate the unfathomable space between the infinitely small and the immensely distant

  • Secret Garden by Alessandra Calò

    An emotional translation of the artwork represents an invitation for the viewers to start a research for their own identity. Over the years Alessandra Calò recovered old photographic slides depicting women in the early 20th century.

Alessandra Calò (Taranto, Italy, 1977) lives and works in Reggio Emilia. She developed independently her passion for art, starting with an emphasis on photography and moving towards experimenting with materials and creating installations.

Dominant in her work are memory and recollection, defined as a state of mind combined with reality, in stead of evoking a moment lost for ever. Next to photography she avails herself of appropriation, based on a language meant for suggesting emotions without describing them too much.



Work by Calò can be seen regularly on photography festivals, exhibitions in Italy and events elsewhere in Europe. Her project Gli oggetti ci parlano for a temporary museum by architect Italo Rota, and shown by the city museum in Reggio Emilia. Women in Fluxus was acquired and exhibited by the Fondazione Palazzo Magnani (Reggio Emilia, Italy).  Antipodi Apolidi was shown by the Museum of Contemporary Art Spazio Gerra (Reggio Emilia, Italy). Vite senza Fine was signalled for the Concorso Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea Premio Celeste. Non Destructive Testing was exhibited during events in Paris and Aix-en-Provence (France), Berlin (Germany) and Bologna (Italy).

Her Secret Garden installation was the finalist-winner of Fotografie Europea OFF in 2014.

Calò also curated photography for several projects among which publications and plays.

Alessandra Calò (Taranto, Italy, 1977) woont en werkt in Reggio Emilia, Italië. Zij ontwikkelde zelfstandig haar relatie met kunst, de nadruk eerst op fotografie en vervolgens op het experiment met materiaal en de creatie van installaties. Dominant in haar werk zijn geheugen en herinnering, gedefinieerd als een geestestoestand gecombineerd met de realiteit, in plaats van de oproeping van een voor altijd verloren moment. Naast fotografie bedient Calò zich van de kunst van toe-eigening, met een taal bedoeld om emoties te suggereren zonder ze al te veel te beschrijven.


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