• Bodies Anonymous by Hamid Blad

    Escorts in their early twenties, resembling pages from a catalogue, one enjoys browsing to distill all kinds of information, before settling on a choice

  • Fotoscopia by Alessandra Calò

    An image evoking the human capacity to investigate the unfathomable space between the infinitely small and the immensely distant

Our mission is to show the richness of photography’s domain, up to its periphery - and beyond. Originating from observations, explorations and experiments, we show a collection packed with both beauty and  ...quirkiness



Because we love special surroundings both art-wise and location-wise, we’re pleased to announce our participation in the Huntenkunst art fair. This “International Stage for Contemporary Arts” is held 27-29 May 2016 in Ulft (Gelderland, NL) at the former DRU plant premises. We show work by Alessandra Calò, Hamid Blad, Jon Cazenave and Marika Bertoni. At Huntenkunst, work by more than 100 artists from more than 30 countries is presented. For visitors, it is a perfect fair to experience variety and discover favorites. More on Huntenkunst 2016 Download the Huntenkunst 2016 flyer here    


A selection of Marika Bertoni’s project Unknown ID can be seen at PRJCT AMS Fashion & Collaborations in the very heart of Amsterdam. Impressive black and white prints mounted in black frames are wonderfully combined with an eclictic store selection. Unknown ID analyses large cities and creates a link between continents, showing fragmented feelings which reduce the individual to an unknown inhabitant of an equally unknown space. PRJCT AMS, Gasthuismolensteen 18, Amsterdam (“negen straatjes”), 18 March – 15 May 2016, store opening hours see   ABOUT MARIKA BERTONI Marika Bertoni is, in her own words, “a woman, a researcher, a visual artist, a […]

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